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Are you right about the tourniquet?

Now those hospital to the patient's blood or a medical rubber belt strapped to the arm doesn't often disinfection, there is at least thousands of germs, if suddenly tied a HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, or other infectious diseases, it's your turn to use again, how would you like it?     

Previous domestic hospitals use a tourniquet hose type, cross use, repeated use, custody at random, not disinfection disinfection is not complete or sterilized interval is too long, and so on common phenomenon, cause a tourniquet common problems such as severe pollution. 

    A, embodied in:

1, a tourniquet pathogens far beyond "the health standard for hospital disinfection" (GB15982-1995) holdings by "contact with the skin of medical supplies the total number of bacterial colonies should be 200 cfu/g or 100 square centimeters or less: pathogenic microbes shall not be checked out" requirements, and tested pathogens (domestic numerous literatures have reported).

2, not according to article 12 of the third chapter of measures for the management of hospital infection (48 order) of the People's Republic of China ministry of health requirements of the "contact with the skin, mucous membrane of the medical equipment, appliances and items must be up to the level of the disinfection; various puncture, blood and other invasive operation used for the medical instrument must use a sterilization" the rules of operation.

3, studies have shown that the sector a tourniquet is better than circular tourniquet can relieve patients' pain and improve the puncture into power. Affected by the international, domestic disposable tourniquet application scope will also be gradually from the previous military or wild "emergency" hemostatic use to "regular" treatment of infusion, blood, bleeding with transition.


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