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Finger pressing hemostasis refers to larger arterial bleeding

Blood is an important substance for life. When trauma is caused by massive bleeding, the amount of bleeding is more than 1/4 of the total blood volume, and life will be dangerous.

Acupressure hemostasis refers to large artery hemorrhage, with the thumb on the top of vascular hemorrhage (Jin Xinduan), the pressure vessel has been shut, interruption of blood.

Operation essentials

1. temporal artery compression hemostasis: for head and temporal artery bleeding. The method is to press the thumb or forefinger in front of the ear to the mandibular joint.
2. external carotid artery compression hemostasis: for the bleeding of the costal region and the face. With thumb or forefinger to teach | medical education network collected in about half an inch before the mandibular angle, the arterial pressure in the mandible.
3. common carotid artery compression hemostasis: commonly used in the head and neck bleeding, and the use of other methods of hemostasis is invalid. The lateral carotid artery was pressed posteriorly on the fifth cervical vertebra. But bilateral simultaneous oppression is prohibited.
4. subclavian compression hemostasis: for axillary, shoulder and upper limb bleeding. The method is to use the thumb in the clavicle concave to touch the artery, and the rest of the four fingers placed in the patient's neck, thumb downward pressure to the first rib.
5. brachial artery compression hemostasis: for the hand, forearm and lower arm bleeding. Methods the medial arm artery was compressed with the thumb or four finger in front or back of the upper arm.

Matters needing attention
Small artery and venous bleeding can be compressed bandaging hemostasis method. Large artery bleeding, tourniquet hemostasis. In emergency cases, hemostasis must be done first by compression, and then by other bleeding methods according to the bleeding.

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